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Counseling can offer the opportunity to develop coping skills and understand the deeper, unconscious mental blocks and patterns in life and relationships that stifle growth. These patterns frequently link to our earliest and most powerful emotional experiences. In counseling, individuals and couples often find new strategies for enjoying life and relationships.

Individual / Life Coach Counseling

Are you struggling with issues that keep reappearing no matter what you do? Do you feel stuck in a dead end job? Are you saying to yourself, “I am just not where I thought I would be at this stage of my life?”


Family Counseling

Are you looking to improve the family dynamics of a blended family? Has a tragic event occurred that requires professional help?

Couples Counseling

Are you running into challenges with your romantic relationships, family dynamics and/or friendships? Is your marriage strained over money, children, in-laws, or sexual concerns?


Workshops & Speaking Engagements​

Fees assessed on a per event basis

Note: Payment required at time of booking​. We will provide a receipt for submission to your insurance for reimbursement.

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